Who are we?
  Our office has been founded since 1998. It offers professional service for the interests of Bulgarian and foreign citizens or companies in the following fields: tax title, civil law, commercial and corporative law, administrative law, contractual law, family law, law of estate, intellectual property right, real estate transactions, company registration. Public authority represantation as well as court represantation of civil, commercial and administrative lawsuits; defence in court. Our leading task is to stand upon the client`s interests and we succeed with the help of all the legal grounds. We collaborate with many lawyer`s, notary`s and accounting offices not only in Bourgas but also all over the country.
  We have our corporative clients not only from Bulgaria but all over Europe-mainly Russia, Latvia, Turkey, Denmark.
Contact us:
Address: 81, Hristo Botev Avenue, fl.1
Burgas 8000, Bulgaria

+359 56 810241

+359 888 700920
+359 899 971981


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